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  1. Hey what's up?? I haven't talked to you in while. Boredem has gotten a hold of me. Did you see the fanfic I wrote on here?? I can't remember the last time I wrote a fanfic on AO. I must be really bored....*sigh*
  2. well i love world and ancient history, but they don't offer it here. My class is just US history during the 1900s. Which is the less boring at least.
    and besides that Theater Arts, Drawing 2,(fun) and the suckiest class ever: American Literature. ugh, Mark Twain...
    I have Algebra 2 for like the fifth time, because i'm such a dumbass.
  3. Honestly. Geez, that must really suck. I didn't like Us History all that much, I much perfer World History. Much much better. What kind of classes do you have??
  4. Well i got held back in it because last year all i did was argue with the teacher. But right now i'm writing an essay on the corruption of presidents. We were supposed to do it on the most interesting thing in US history. Needless to say my teachers hate me for being a liberal Anarchist who only finds america in a good light while watching GI Joe and Team America: World Police . =D
  5. XD US History??? It feels like forever since I've done that!!! What do you have to do??
  6. true, I have about 5 myspaces I completely abandoned. I'm trying to do school work, but i hate US history sooo much. I feel like burning my book
  7. I have yahoo messager and I do have a myspace but I haven't been there in forever!! I see no point if I can't really do anything with it.....
  8. lol, okay, just wondering. I just didn't want to get an infraction. I'm soo boored. do you have msn or a myspace?
  9. Hmmm.... well, I'm not really sure. Never tried myself before.
  10. Just bored..Hey,do you know if we mark an image 'mature content' for the gallery, can we upload pics with f***k in it?
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