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  1. k ^^
  2. Yeah i am just going to leave my post as is and just correct it next post.
  3. lolz That's why you always read everyone thread. I always do. XD Though I guess...I'm still not sure what is going on... I might go ask zyta...
  4. K sorry didn't read that part got caught up in what i was doing lol.
  5. Hey Fang I'm sure zyta made everyone go to the main room where I was if you read his post. Not sure what exactly is going but i thought I mention that. ^^
  6. Cool thanks. I had to read over 20 pages last night to figure what happen. It sucked!! But my character is back, but she ended up somewhere (since Sneaky hasn't been I just wrote something).

    You don't have to make a post for it. zyta said first we just need people to say we are going to join, then we can get started.
  7. Well.... it hasn't gone that far but at the moment. Kimihiro person and a temp person of my own are about to rescue Rpex (and incase you didn't know Rpex is now a Godling) umm..... the main bad guy Cerbus ,i think is how you spell it, is heading to japen to spread the infection and the rest of the people are trying to find a way over to japen to stop him. Sorry I cant be more help and yeah i checked it out i am trying to come up with a post to put in there.
  8. Hey Fang!! Can you teel me what's going on in Infest?? Haven't had the time to read and I still have to catch up. Have to rewrite my post since Sneaky is not here.

    Also want to join this new RP?? zyta made it and seems cool. Called Getting the Box of Key. Check it out:
  9. XD Yeah. I'm waiting got the others. I don't know how I should start.....I'm trying to think how
  10. Hey Renn thought i would bother you a little bit.... and when are you going to post.
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