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  1. That's great. Post yesterday. Did you know I haven't posted there since April!! I had to read over 20 pages!! It sucked big time!! I decided to leave Sneaky behind and just let my character pop in out of nowhere!! XD
  2. I've tried to stay online myself but seems that nobody wasn't able to lend me a hand lol, I'll try and figure out whats going on as of this moment and in the mean time, tell Z that I'll update him of the situation.
  3. Hellknight!!! zyta told me what's going on in Infest!!! It's insane!!!! I'm finally able to get on again!!! Or rather post in RPs now!! Yay!!! XD
  4. My day has been super duper boring!! XD
  5. yeah so it does lol, anyway hows your day been going so far? mine is tired and boredom.
  6. Yeah...T^T It kinda sucks when people get like that, but it keeps it alive sometimes!!! Okay then!! I'll start working on my post okay?? ^^
  7. lol, yeah I know how that feels, I've been trying to keep up with those two Fang and Kimi, but apparantly they have a knack for posting lol.
  8. lolz. Well now I feel bad. I'll pm Sneaky later to discuss what I should post next. Last time I met Fang and I think Sneaky and then I was busy so I've had a hard time catching up with the story...T^T
  9. SneakyArrow, pm'd me about your .....concerns. lol, I know you been busy so have I, anyways he's been waiting for your post for quite a while, and as far as I know, Zyta is in Japan and the rest is in america, I got three characters in play, one of them is in Japan, and the other two are back in U.S. one of them found a small camp and well the other is none other, the infection leader. Fang's character and Kimihiro are together and are camping out till something happens I guess, and Sneaky is waiting for you IDK whats his characters name yet.
  10. XP Hey I've been busy!!! Who's waiting for me to post?? I'm not sure what to post.... I mean, I don't know what is going on..... With the people my character is supposed to be with!!! *sigh*
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