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  1. I know huH?? lol, I have some other pics like one showing me pointing at a fridge with a look LOL.
  2. Yeah I actually did. I kinda laughed at some of them!! I couldn't help myself....but they were awesome though. *wihes she had a camera to take pictures of herself*
  3. lol hope it does, did you see my pics? they are B-A-utiful!!!!
  4. Dang....oh well. I wish you could. I think it came out good........
  5. lol, I wish I could take a look, but this computer won't let me watch, because it doens't have the flashback player.
  6. I'm actually sick but other than that I'm busy. *sigh* I got a request to make an AMV....when I know nothing of the anime.... Oh do you want to see mynew vid??
    Here is a link to it :
  7. hey NP, ain't no hurry to rush things you know? lol so how you been?
  8. Sorry!! I know I'm taking forever to make my bio but I have tons to do such making amvs....*sigh* Anyway I'll have it tonight okay ^__^
  9. yup there sure is, if you got any? pm them to me will ya? lol g2g I'll talk to you later about the species detailing. later.
  10. I've always wanted to play Resident evil but I'm such a scaredy cat I wouldn't get that far.... XD Are there going to be more species??
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