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  1. Heyy dear.* What's up?
    I'm okey dokey ^^. Got back from You?
  2. Nyahhh!!!! Hey what's up??? I haven't talked to you in forever!!! How are you???
  3. Yay!!!!!!! Not really. If you count drama then yes XD But no. Eeeeek Renny!!!!! Yay!
    I'll PM you because I need to ask you something^^
  4. Thanks ^^ So anything i missed on here??? I miss AO everyday i am not on its so hard not being able to talk to everyone..... I can't wait for school to start. Thats how i get on everyday!^.^
  5. Awwww..^^*Hugs* I'm fine & you? How have you been miss renny? It's ok if you can't get on everyday I understand ok?^^
  6. I could never forget you!!!!!!!!! ^^ Its just hard to talk to everyone when i am not on everyday.... But i manage somehow I say i'm sorry alot cause i could not be on the computer for weeks but oh well ^^ So how are you?
  7. Renny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't talked to you in like..forever. I dunno if you remember me but still Hola!!!!!!!^^ Im saying Hi to all the people that forgot me somehow^^
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