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  1. So true, so true. *Is disappointed that most developers are moving their hit game series into the next gen systems*

    SquareEnix is hitting up both the PS3 and the X-box 360 with games like "Last Remenent" and ofcourse the new Star Ocean. The same goes for BandaiNamco whom put out "Tales of Vesperia" on the 360...atleast they released the Tales of Symphonia on the Wii though, I've got a chance at that. LOLS
  2. True, Wild Arms 4 was good...but personally my favorites go 2-5-3-4-1. Than again I never finished 1. But nonetheless 4 did indeed contribute the HEX battle system which made battles more interesting than the traditional turn based system. Wild Arms 4 also had special features if you had a save data of the remade Wild Arms 1 on your memory card too so that was cool. (But I didnt get Alter Code F til AFTER I got 4 so...)

    ...there was one on the PSP too but, I dont have a PSP...yet. (T^T)
  3. we at a hot spring and talking about hazumis fox ....
  4. helllllllllllllllllllllllo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!
  5. i have been okay i changed alot i am far from the same mark everyone knew i had to change tho i am better not worse and i am good and you^^?
  6. You'd expect nothingless from Nippon Ichi Software. They're about one of the few developers that can still pull off great games in 2D rather than all 3D CG.

    Wild Arms!!? Yet another one out of my favorite RPG series along with Final Fantasy, Tales of *insert remainder title here*, Star Ocean, etc. I've basically completed "5", all I have to do is find ONE more treasure box to get the EX key for opening all treasure boxes...than I'd have all the EX keys enabling me to start a New Game+ with the "Nine Lives" costume for Dean. (Its the Knight Blazer costume FYI...its a cameo from Wild Arms 2) Personally I loved Wild Arms 2 the most, they need to remake it so that the graphics will match its awesomeness of every other aspect. The opening was gold though, as to be expected of the Wild Arms series. Kick @$$ animated OP with a great song.
  7. Yes and no. I have it and have started playing it....for about 2hours worth and that was it. Let me state that it is by no means because its a bad game or anything, its just that I havent had the chance to go back and play it nor any other PS2 games in my possession cuz my PS2 is on the fritz. Hopefully sometime soon I can go out and get a new PS2...and hopefully mod it to play Japanese games as well. (That or sell my entire collection and just get a JP PS2 and games. LOL)
  8. i was wondering if you were to classafiy me as some one from it who would it be?
  9. yeah it surely has huh lol i dunno the last time i talked to maney i was gone along time now so maney new people and surpassed meh
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