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  1. *poke* i'm bored, entertain me if you can.

    >.> where have ya been the last few days?
  2. Tehe. Always busy hu? Me too. All that school stuff's gonna kill me at some point, I swear. Although I don't have to do that for much longer anymore. School's over this june. xD
    But yeah making some sigs is the best way to get better. I guess I should keep it up too. But not right now. Additionally, I first of all must find some good stuff to make a sig out of. That's the hardest part actually. >_<

    Do that! I'm sure to watch them if you've put them up on youtubez.
  3. <: Sounds like you have fun using GIMP. I bet you'll eventually become great at using that piece of software.

    Mep. Sorry to hear that. Seems like those free ware software thingies aren't the real thing after all. Well, maybe you'll stumble across something new at some point. And as long as you are able to make those nice AMVs with it, everything's great.
  4. Hehe ... That's always a great thing. To find out new things which you didn't know before, I mean. That makes it interesting all over again.
    Though that applies to everything in life.

    Hmm ... I searched a bit and here's a list with some free video editing programs. I don't know whether or not you already searched the net and came to the conclusion that WMM is the best freeware video editing software ...
    If not, I suggest you take a look at it!
  5. Aight. I thought so. And forget about Photoshop, honestly. It's not like I ever use all the stuff that you can do with it. All I need I'd find in GIMP as well.
    So stick with GIMP instead of downloading PS somewhere. Not that there would be such a big difference. Of course, if you really try to make some extremely advanced things you might come to it's limit.

    Being a perfectionist is great. That's essential to develop yourself. So just keep that habit of you's up. Though keep in mind that you can't do everything perfectly! Don't get frustrated if things don't work out from the first moment. Especially if you don't have all those kewl programs to make professional video editing.
    Maybe I'll take a look at WMM too.
  6. Never heard of GIMP before. Just once or so. I never actually saw that program. But yeah, since many more people use Photoshop, there are naturally more tutorials to find for it.
    It's easier for me. My dad teaches Photoshop stuff, so if I was interested, I could as well ask him. Though I don't us Photoshop very often. There are other things I'm more interested in at the moment, but learing Photoshop is on the list!

    Even if there are many things to edit, let me tell you this: Your videos are more than good enough for people like me because I didn't see anything wrong with it, exactly the opposite!
    If I may ask, how do you make those Vids? Like, which program do you use?
  7. I wasn't specifically talking about the signature you're using right now. Rather about the ones you use to send in for SOTW or uploaded ones from you.

    There are problems with THAT AMV? Actually, it seems pretty professional to me. Can't imagine anything there is to change. Though I admit that that's not my area.
    But improving oneself is always a great thing to do!
  8. Hehe thanks. But for the record, this wasn't my first time using Photoshop. I had to find out some new things, but I have used Photoshop before already.
    And your sig's are great now. So are your AMVs by the way. I totally love your new vid.
  9. so if since the rp is down then sinzio or ziosin can get it working again right???????????
  10. *fan girl scream*

    well. uhm no, but it looks promising, i wanna play it just because of that request XD
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