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  1. Which things for example? To be honest, I never really noticed a big chance from 15 to 16 ... Or from 16 to 17, for that matter. Becoming 18 will be something different of course. (:
    I bet they are. It's strange. How come that every grandparents are awesome cooks?
    By the way, when am I able to use animated avatars? Because I have some I'd like to try ...
  2. Hehe, I bet living with the grand parents has some advatages. Like, you always get great stuff to eat. I can clearly remember the good things I got as my grandmother was still alive. That was pretty good. It's sad that she isn't here anymore. Well, I didn't know her well anyway, so it's not that hard for me.
    It depends which job you're going to do. But yeah, generally they aren't that exhausting ... As long as you get loads of money, it's okay. xD
    I also worked at some company of a friend of mine ... Was pretty stressful actually. And I didn't get any money. It's okay, though. It was voluntarily.
  3. Creepier than those I've seen in the MV?! I'll NEVER ever gonna play that game. It would freak me out. I already didn't watch Child’s Play. I don't like creepy puppets.
    You haven't heard of Nintendo for a while? Even though they have that much success with Wii at the moment? Where do you live again? (: *jk*
    You only get to see your mom and sister once in a while? If I may ask, why's that? Must be sad. Though sometimes I'd wish my little brother away. xD God, he really can be annoying.
    I guess working is okay if you haven't any problems with school. You already know what you want to do as a job?
    You never do homework at home? I have it even easier. I never do homework!!!! xD ... I think I should work some place. Too much free time. :P
  4. Well, it'll be over before you know it. And then you'll be sad. xD
    Tales of the Abyss. NEVER heard of that one. Could come from the fact that I've never owned a PS, PS2 nor a PS3. So I'm not that familiar with games for those consoles. I'm more the nintendo type of guy.
    Ah, I saw you!!!!!!!!! So you like playing with puppets. They look scary though.
    You want to get a job by the way? While being at school? That'll be hard, let me tell you this. But it's very nice of you saving that money for your mom. You like your mom, hu?
  5. yea thats the best part about it, i absolutely love posting in the forums now before i would just stick to my user page and call it a day but now the site is actually producing more quality threads ^^
  6. Yeah you know many people are like "I hate school". But I'm totally different. Of course school's annoying sometimes but it's much better than some boring job.
    I've heard of it. But I'm not really familiar with that series. I've only played Tales Of Symphonia on my Gamecube. Dunno if there exists a Tales of Symphonia on PS2 also. But I don't know any other game of that series, so I guess I have to pass. xD Man, I suck.
  7. i know right lol XD man if i didnt have this site i would be really bord lol i usually get on like every week now its so crazy this site is full of memories
  8. oh yea i liked reading them^^ XD they were very funny ^^
  9. sorry for the delay.... see you later..* thinking* whay do we say see you later when in fact we don't see anyone?...... just a screen and some words.....lol
    bye am watching the watchmen.....jijijijijji

    the crazy panda is here?... be careful, he wants to rule the world , and taste man......
  10. Well, It's okay I guess. But you know, it's so close to being 18. ): I don't want to get any older. 16, 17 is perfectly fine, really. No responsibility, no job, just boring school and lots of free time. I like that actually. (:
    So it's on Ps2. That helps ... a bit. xD Any other hints? For example, which genre is it? I'd say it's some sort of RPG?
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