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  1. XD Yeah...well =__= it helps when you click on the 'View your Conversation with [INSERT THAT PERSON'S USERNAME]. ^^"

    Anyway I'm good.
  2. Hey what's up?! I'm surprised you remember that XD
  3. Wow!!! O_O Do my eyes decieve me!!! Jose!!! (I'm surprised I remember your name!!!! >.< I'm not weird am I???) Where have you been???
  4. I know!!! Its so hard not to forget this place!! I love it so much!! And I made so many friends that I love them so much....
  5. Aren't you lucky XD Yeah this is such a nice place! I used to hung in here a lot too. You get to meet really nice ppl here I'm still addicted to AO lol
  6. Name is Adriauna(but I like Adrienne better. That how I got my username too) I've been here more than a year and I love this place. It like a second home to me. I use to only get on once a week but now I get on everyday!!! I'm so happy now!! ^__^
  7. cool beans hehehe my name is Jose BTW. I've been a memeber here for a while but i havent been active that much lately. So what's your story?
  8. ^^ Cool beans. lolz I love that word!! good that I have a new friend!!
  9. yeha that's Jin! one of my favorite characters in tekken. No worries! new friends always welcome
  10. Is that Jin as your siggy??? AHH!! I haven't played Tekken in a long time.....*reminising* lolz Sorry for just popping out of no where ^^" Just thought I say that.....
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