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  1. Ah, nice. Welcome to my friends list.

    I'm busy as hell. You know, next thursday final exams are waiting for me so I really have to study. And I waited a tad too long to start learning in the first place, I do have to do my stuff now. Anyway it'll work out, hopefully.

    No, actually I never have RPed on here, nor any place else. I am much more the video game RPG player. So you must be confusing me with someone else or something.
  2. Then I shall send you a friend request!!!! XD Hey Laps!! How are you?? Do you still RP??
  3. I definitely do. <: And yeah, I guess comments are good. Only thing, they are not necessarily always positive. That's the downside about them.
    Anyway, without constructive criticism one can't improve.

    That's right, you already finished school for now. I'm envious. I still have to go more than 2 weeks. Busy 2 weeks, needlessly to say.
    Get yourself a job if you have the time, money is always a good thing, you never know, it might come in handy in the future.
  4. Well it made me happy that someone liked that vid. I haven't had a comment on my vids for awhile. I like to get comment. I also made another vid. It's really sad though. T_T I didn't mean to make one that's sad, but some of them come out that way. I just make a vid that come in my mind. I need to hear a good song though. It had to have good lyrics and tempo and stuff.

    I'm pretty good. Summer is pretty boring which means I most likely have to get a job but I'm not sure where exactly....
  5. Nice to hear from you again.
    It's no problem, really. I have to admit, I was kinda dazzled by that video.
    I absolutely liked it. Your best work so far, in my opinion. Although I think I only saw one other video. Leaving that aside, as I said, I liked your "trailer" a lot. Except the minor issue, it was awesome.
    Well, it's better to do videos in your boredom than just surfing the net randomly or playing video games all day long. Although it is very tempting of course, I can tell that from my own experience.
    Because by doing those videos you learn something.

    I'm quite fine actually. To be honest, work is a little overwhelming so you could say I'd be busy, if I learned that is. Anyway, I am finally starting so I guess it's going to be a little busier from now on.
    You are alright as well, I hope?
  6. Laps!!! Thanks for the comment in my journal!! I love to make vids in my spare time but it isn't what I'm really into. I like writing far better!! Though I do seem pretty good at it. I think the boredem is why I do it mainly....^^

    So how are you? Haven't talked to you in awhile.

  7. It's all about taste. But of course there are people who make better sigs. And there are people who make better sigs than the ones making better sigs. And so forth. <:
    Your sigs are still great! And if you keep making sigs, you eventually become better at making them ... and better and better! There's no end to it! And then you'll become the biggest sig maker of all. xD
  8. XD Okay making sure.

    No!! Other people make better sigs than me!! Waaaaayyy better!! I just make some good ones. Nothing special.
  9. I know. Pyro did it. It's written under the sig, I couldn't miss it.
    :P I won't stop because you tell me. You make awesome sigs! Yeah! Yeah!
  10. The one I have now isn't made by me but I love it none the less!! ^^
    >.< Don't say that!! I'm not that good. I just try things out.
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