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  1. I hope good...-starts to cry-...
    Oh and Hazumi felt it that something happend to you...
    Dont know how..??>.<
  2. I'm good!!! I'm out of school!!! Hey hey!!! Read what I wrote in the Inuyasha thread!!! What will happen to Kisa????
  3. Hi girl...^_^...
    How are yah..??
    Stupid 50 charact thing....>.<..
  4. lolz I know!!! He is so cute. Why did I have to pic a cute one....T_T but then again he could or could not be our enemy. I did say that his motives are yet unknown?
  5. He is so cute..^_^..!!!
    Hehe...Even he will be our enemy he is cute..^_^...
  6. lolz I made him just now. Go check him out. He is kinda cute. I just couldn't find a good evil pic of anyone, but I decided to use that one. I have to wait for Grimmjow to approve him so people can start to use him ^^
  7. Yeah I remember...
    He told that he would me me again or something..
    Really a creep..
  8. I've been doing pretty good!! I got out of school today for christams break. ^^ Also I am about to make an evil character for Iunyasha. Grimmjow said he could be for everyone. U know that one dude that attacked us right??
  9. Hiya..!!
    How are yah..??
    So what have you been doing lately..??
  10. What the heck is going on in Inuyasha?? I'm confused. Tell me a quick recap please!!!
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