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  1. it's alright i really doni't mind it's understandable everyone gets busy sometimes ^^ and yah it's really nice lol
  2. Wow!! That's soooo cool!!! I'm sorry I wasn't responding.... I didn't mean too. >.< I just have so many people to talk to that I forget some others. Sorry!!!
  3. im sorry u wern't talking so i thought that u wern't on he actualy purposed to me a long time ago mayb four or five months idk... aww what's wrong u alright Imouto?
  4. I didn't know this!!!! Why didn't Onee-chan tell me!!! T_T Everyone seems to have someone these days.....
  5. we are going to get marred me and zerosan9000 yah we've been going out for a long time so next year when i turn 18 we are going to get married but im going to move to the states first ^^ he bought me an engagement ring already and he wanted one so i bought him one ^^
  6. What what??? Engagemnt ring?? I'm confused. Please explain!! >.<
  7. hello Imouto ^^ he he he yah it has been such a long time hasn't it - guesses what- i bought z his engagement ring yesterday ..wait... the day before yesterday i think.. no wait...yesterday was sunday so yes yesterday lol
  8. Hey Onee-chan!!! XD I haven't talked to you in forever. T_T Sorry.....
  9. Imouto hello it's been quite some time it's very nice to see you he he he
  10. Hi Onee-chan!!! ^__^
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