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  1. lolz okay bye!!!! Hope to talk to you again!!!!! ^__^
  2. well i'm pretty sure its more then randomness renn

    gtg now =/ Byez!! *waves*
  3. Oh course!!!!! I am totally ramdom all of the time!!!! How do you think I make so many friends??
  4. Lolz X] well i dunno what exactly you...we are talking about right now also xD

    I guess its total randomness (>.-.)>
  5. lolz then type slower silly!!! XD I would ask but...idk. Maybe, maybe not. (I have no idea what I am talking about XD)
  6. >_> He must for the sake of our fingers getting tired of typing to much :P XD
  7. lolz Well I cm friends with the Admis. but I don't think he'd change it!! XD
  8. yeah true :P

    we cant do anything about it if only one of us were a admin :P
  9. Yeah that true, but oh well what can you do??? ^__^
  10. i'll post quite a bit XD

    and yeah every one here seems friendly but the 50 characters per message is kinda to much but every thing else is cool
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