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  1. Well pm it to me and I'll see what I think of it. Also the age can be anything.....
  2. I saw it and Ive got an awsome character idea but im not sure if its good enough so i was thinking mabey you could tell me if you think its good enough but also i had one problem of what the age is supposed to be
  3. Did you check out my character sheet?? I think I did pretty good. As for name....well you have to nmake sure that you don't make up your own clan. Have to use an excisting clan from Naruto (except me since I am special and got to make my own!!) XD
  4. ok i saw an rp called the Naruto rpg i had an idea for a character but i need help with a few things ive got the personallity down but i need a cool name to tie him together and i need to think of a good weapon for him
  5. What do you need help on??? ^^
  6. Hey guess what i found a cool rp i want to join but im having a little trouble thinking up a character and i was wondering if you could help me?.........pwwwweeeeesssseee? if you dont have time now i understand
  7. ok i guess ill watch it............cya later i guess
  8. IDK just google it. Or go to this one place called ZOMG Anime......
  9. hmmmmmm okay i guess do they have all the episodes on animecrazy?
  10. Actually its different. They took out osme stuff and added some here and there. It doesn't exactly go in order but you should watch it. ^__^
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