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  1. lolz I'm good. Spending time with everyone. Same old, same old. I'm just glad We'll have a good Christmas this year!!
  2. Nothing much. Im staying home this year. Just relaxing with my cat. lol.
    How about you??
  3. Yep so what's up with you?? What are you going to do for Christmas??
  4. Your hard work has definatly payed of.
    You both have two different writing styles and both are very good.
    They work very well together.
  5. I'm glad you like it. Like I said I tried harder in this one cause I don't want to mess up our story with my bad writing(so said by zyta in my other story ^^") It took me a long time to write since I tried like SUPER HARD!!!!! lolz ^^
  6. O_O
    I lozes IT!
    You two make a great team when making stories. I was like spell bound and its only the beginning. lolz.
    I really cant wait to read more!
  7. Yeah i know!!! ~.~ lolz I hope you like it. I worked harder on this one. You should have seen what zyta said in my other one called To love. Harsh much, but I am finally glad some told me the truth....
  8. LoL!
    yay for having more time..lolz.
    YEA! I would love to!
    Ill go check it out now.^^
  9. WHOOT!! lolz I can be online more too!! Makes me so happy!! Oh do you like to read??? Like stuff in the fanfic section?? Cause I was wondering...if maybe you could read a story by me and zyta?? It's called Duet.
  10. HI! ^^
    yea it has been a long while.
    Im good finally getting a chance to get online more.
    How have you been???
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