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  1. Yay!! I do too!! It soooo good!! i just wish they had more....T^T I really want Shugo Chara renders....
  2. Oh my! I love this website xD *adds to bookmarks* Thank you very much Renn! I just uploaded some fan art xD;; Ha ha ha >___<
  3. Alright!!! Here is the website I found it. It has so great renders XD;20Eater/index.html
  4. RADARADARADA! Yes please if you may send it~! <3333
  5. Yeah I know who you support. XD but that was one of the biggest renders I have. It was HUGE!!!! It was bigger than the wallpaper itself!!! like 4000x5000. But I can still send it to you if you want ^__^
  6. I don't like the couple ... but it's awesome! I love the softness on it xP
  7. Pyro!! i made a Soul Eater wallpaper!!! please go look at it!!! I want you guys to like it even though I haven't watched then anime......
  8. XD Thank you!!! I think the GC is the best... of course I haven't played the PS2 version ^^;;

    Oh Pyro!!! Check out my siggy for SOTW!!! It came out better than I thought but it's not as great as everyone elses
  9. Oooh awesome! Well, yea, I've played the gamecube version ^^;;
  10. Which did you play?? The GC version or the ps2 version??

    I absolutely love the story of Symphonia. I beat the game 11 times. I'm serious. I actaully couldn't stop playing. I just kept starting over and over. I love that game. The first of the Tales series I played. (sigh* I always love that one. Oh!! I'm actually doing an AMV for most of the Tales seies!! ^__^
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