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  1. hey it sounds kind of cool, thanks for the info. I'm gonna look for it on youtube
  2.! <-- Link to what it's about
  3. I've never heard of Shugo chara so I'll check it out. whats it about???
  4. Oh I;ve seen all of those or at least an episode. I know one you might like. You should watch Shugo Chara. Very very good!! XD
  5. I've scene Inuyasha, naruto, Pretear, Full Moon Wo Sagashite, Sailor Moon, Card Captors, and some of Haruhi Suzuniya
  6. *pokes* I will I will. Renny doesn't doesn't have the time at the moment but I will. Is there anything else you like besides that???
  7. You should look kamichama karin up and watch the series or you can read it. I've done both
  8. Wow that sounds good. I might have to check it out sometime. So what else do you watch??
  9. It's about a 13 year old girl named karin that had her memory erased and dosen't know that she has the power to turn into a god. her parents are dead and lives with her aunt. her life then changes when she meets kazune-kun and Himika-chan
  10. I don't think i've watched that one. What's it about??
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