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  1. Its Eden of the East or Higashi no Eden
  2. Sazzy, I've been meaning to ask you, but what anime is your avi and siggy of??
  3. Sazzy!!!! How are you??? Zyta is being mean to me!! lolz well I asked him to be mean....^^"

    Will you read our story?? It's called duet in the fanfic section. Zyta said I got better in this one!! ^^
  4. I'm awesome. Of course I can be on everyday now!!! I'm so happy. But then again I'm babysitting now.....T.T
  5. of course I remember you Renn. At least that shows my memory isn't as bad as I thought :P

    Hows you??
  6. Hi, Sazzy!!! Do you remember me??? I'll be sad if you don't!!! T.T
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