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  1. I added chapter 3 in my story "Kalderim, the Magic of Friendship." Tell me if you like it
  2. Can you look at the story im putting on the website in the fanfics area. It is called Kalderim, the Magic of Friendship. I want to know what ya think about it
  3. I know. People that read my other stories at school absolutely love this story. I will write more tomorrow but I have wait for people to reply to it and I really want to know what people think about it.....
  4. Yup, and I think it is very nice. Kinda cuts off in parts but that builds the suspense .
  5. lolz I know!!! It would make things so much easier!!! So did ya find it???
  6. Ok, ill try to find it for ya. RAWR!!!! Damn 50 character thingy, make it like 15 or 20
  7. lolz I know sucks doesn't?? Anyway you know about the fanfic section here right?? Well I just wrote a story in there and I just want someone to read it. It's called For love. If you would please and thank you.
  8. What ya want me to do???????????? Sorry, the 50 character thingy.
  9. Hello!!! How are you???? I'm fine....Will you do something for me??
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