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  1. Nyyaaahhh!!! u guys left me out of the Rp!!!!! lolz XD jk I've been busy like all day!!!
  2. Get Online Already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Hey hey!! Make sure to post!!! Nyahhh!!! post post post!!!!! RARW(me being random........-.-)
  4. Sooowwwyyyy!!!! *bows* Very sorry I had no idea.....-.- Again very sorry....
  5. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do not call me stormy. I had a 'friend' named Stormy(Literally) and she stole all my money from my purse when she spent the night for a week. I really hate her and I don;t wanna be called that. I had ****ing $400 from my birthday, christmas, AND 4 week of shoveling snow saved up and I was PI$$ED!
  6. Oh okay then I'll go post!!! XD Hmmmm wonder what I should do.... Where is Fang??
  7. We went thru a crap load of pain and torture to teleport the WHOLE building and everyone inside of it lol. Xion is unconcious and Xeva is just hurt alittle.
  8. I saw!!!! what happen to meeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And what happen to you???????
  9. I just made a really big post compared to what i used to do so PLEASE read it lol
  10. lolz okay then!!! Geez!!! XD I'll do it now!! What's going to happen???
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