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  1. *shrug* Doesn't matter. Was just saying. Anyway, I have to get off for now. I'll talk to you later 'kayz??
  2. *ack* random ren got mad at muwah...????? i apologize mastah...! i didnt mean to disgrace writing!
  3. *rolls eyes* Of course it can bee seen by humans. It would be any good to me if it couldn't seen by humans.

    I'll send it to you via pm as soon as I'm done with what I'm doing.
  4. sure, that'd be great... what's it about? romance?comedy?action? something not meant to be seen by a human?
  5. I'll think about it. I haven't written anything much lately. I've been way too busy. I think I might send you a begining of this new story I'm working on, if you really want to see how I write and such.
  6. hmmm... i guess for me feedbacks from people are what inspires and motivates me to keep going... normally stop if i dont get anything, kinda bad habit of mine... but yah, id love to share each other stories some other time
  7. Well I hope your writing at AO goes well. It did for me and that's what inspires me sometimes.
  8. yah... hehe i understand what u mean, thats why for the past couple months ive read like 4-5 light novels... from haruhi to slayers to zaregato... been writing fanfics here in AO... and plan to write some more, so yah... kinda like drawing, first u suck, but things get better if u keep doing things over and over... so yaaaah
  9. lolz I'm nothing like that. I still have so much to learn. You just need to practice that's all. ^^
  10. *salutes* yes mastah...! Sensei...! Ren the Goodess...! Etc. Etc. !!! i am in your debt for keeping up with my random outrage today...! *bows head* yosh...! time to work on my writing skill...!
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