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  1. *pats* Then my dear friend you must learn. IF you want to be a writer then you must. You have to start by making them into habits and practice everyday. That's how I,myself, is learning. I learn at school and try afterschoo as well. I do little things like RPs and writing fanfics. It's these little things that help. Also by reading others and seeing what you need to improve on. It's all about how committed you truely are.

    Haha! Here I am rambling. Sorry. I feel very strongly about writing.
  2. o noe, am no gud at gremar and speyling, am no gud at RP den, plis sper me op da insalts... *sob*sob* i suck, im a writer yet i suck at those things... i can think of nice stories, background, scenes blah blah, but not too good at writing gramatically or somewhat... waaaah!!! i sak so bad!
  3. You should though I can't really recomend any of the RP here's since I haven't RP at AO in a very long time. I actually gave up since the invasion of noobs. Drives me nuts when people don't check their grammer and spell check their work for RPs.
  4. yosh...!!! you are right randomness and hyperness for the win!!! nyahahaha *opens window, and jumps of 2nd floor, run back and reply like there's no tomorrow* ehem ehem... uhmm hmm... hmmm...... maybe ill check out RP section later... ehem ehem
  5. Nyahh!!! It's fine. Randomness and hyperness is fine. Writing has become so much easier for me since I've started RP and since I've met some of the awesome RPers. Also since I've been on this other RP site where many of the members are writers/RPers and such.
  6. waaah!!! hyper hyper? awoooo thats coool... ugh, if i dont stop being lazy id prolly have writter a lot already, ive wanted to be a writer since i was 7, so i got tons of story titles in my head, waiting to burst out... ugh... but yah constantly rambling, blah blah, sorry...!
  7. Hello and good day to you. XD Renny is amazing hyper so she will reply back to you!!!! You like writing?? You should also join the RPs here. Helps with your writing. Did for me.

    No I haven't read any stories in the fanfic section. I haven't posted in there since last year. Activity there has been slow and I don't have time to post my own stories there. I might go check it out since you mention it though....
  8. hi~hi~ read ur "about me" ur an anspiring writer like me...! yay! ugh... sorry ive got nothing better to do so im saying hi to whoever's online... anywayz have u posted any stories or some sort from the fanfic section?
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