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  1. its ok im hyper too!!!and to make things better im getting some sweet apple pie!!!hey if im cute then you are too!!!because were 'sisters' right hehe (maybe thats a little corny)
  2. *huggles* You're soooo cute!!! (I'm a littel hyper sorry ^^") I can't wait to start RPing with you and Grimm
  3. your welcome! im just glad your back!!!
  4. Hey lil sis!! Thanks to you, I'm in Inuyasha again... ^^
  5. maybe.... sorry i didnt reply faster i was looking up a anime convention and it really looked like it wasnt worth it.
  6. I might just make a reappearance. XD That would be funny!!!! I'd have to look a few things over. Maybe!!! My long lost Inuyasha character revive?!?!?! O_O
  7. me and rukai are in search of the last shard when i run into taurus demons demon battle!and so does hayougirl!
  8. lolz You know how long it's been since I've posted on the RP of Inuyasha??? I'm surprised it's still going!! I might make a reappearance, though. Tell me what's happen so far.
  9. PLEASE !super - mega post (post lots!) in our inuyasha RPG!because more than one person in a RPG is lots of fun!!!thank you for your space!!!
  10. lolz really?? That's cool. ^^
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