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  1. ...have you ever read wild ones? its kinda like fruits basket but... this will explain it
  2. XD You already asked me that silly!! I told you I was good!!! I want to make my little sis and avi and a sig!!!
  3. im good and what about you?
  4. I'm good little sis. And how are you?? Are you having a good easter??
  5. how are you onee-chan???
  6. i havent finished matter what his reason there is 3 things wrong ! 1.light cannot be god by killing (he can't be god at all) 2.he is way to self absorbed and is a crazy lunitic. 3.he made me want to rip his head off..its going to happen one way or another
  7. So does that mean you finished watching it, Little sis?? Death Note is a good series.
  8. i didn't notice i was crying till' i my face was soaked and my arm and lap were wet from crying too.
  9. Wow!! *pats* You should really open you mind little sis. Light just wanted to change the world. He wanted a world full of peace where there was no crime. We have to think beyond that. Although I too wanted him to die cause he killed L or Ryuuzaki. I loved Ryuuzaki.....

    But I will say one thing. I almost cried when Light died.....
  10. ive almost finished the death note series!i really hope light dies!ughh thinking about light i want to rip his head off!
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