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  1. Tales of Aladin I & II

    By CEM

    Long ago in the Arabian Desert, Sarah Lee’s old Master, Gafar, threw her out in the hot desert. Sarah Lee lived in a shiny, gold lamp. She had been sleeping in the lamp and had been out in the desert for almost a week. On one special day, Aladdin, a good and brave man, and his pet monkey were going to visit his girlfriend, Princess Jasmine. His horse stepped on Sarah Lee’s lamp and by accident the hoof rubbed the outside and disturbed her from a deep sleep.
    All of the sudden, Sarah Lee popped out of the lamp and asked what was the traveler’s name.
    “Aladdin!” he laughed.
    “This is my monkey friend, Aboo!” he exclaimed.
    Sarah Lee told him her name. Aladdin didn’t know about the lamp until Sarah Lee explained that it was her home. Aladdin asked her nicely to get back in the lamp so he could put it in his saddlebag. Sarah Lee responded as if he were her new master.
    After a few hours of rest he started again for Agraba to see his girlfriend, Princess Jasmine of Agraba. He rode almost all day until he came to a town called Boaz. Aladdin rode around the small oasis town to find an inn to sleep.
    After a night of deep sleep he went to find a present for Princess Jasmine. He found her a silky blue dress, which matched her eyes. He then returned to the inn for supper.
    He was hungry and asked, “What’s for dinner?”
    The innkeeper, Dan, said, “There’s steaks, green beans, and potato’s.”
    Aladdin thought the food looked juicy and ate every bite.
    After Aladdin finished eating he went to see if he could find something else for Princess Jasmine. He found her a nice silky blue scarf and asked the tailor to wrap the scarf up in his finest silk wrapping and have it delivered to the inn. Then Aladdin went to the town market to find some fruit for Princess Jasmine. After he bought her some fruit he went back to the inn to sleep again.
    After he had slept eight hours, he felt refreshed and he was on his way again to Agraba. Later, he came to another small village called Phar. It was there in Phar that Sarah Lee became bored and decided to see what was going on in the outside world. Suddenly, as Alladin was walking his horse to a nearby oasis, Sarah Lee suddenly popped out of the gold lamp.
    “What is going on?” she said.
    Alladin told her that he was trying to find an oasis to water his horse. All of the sudden, five Arabian thieves attack them from behind and try to steal all of the presents that Aladdin had bought for Princess Jasmine. Sara Lee uses her magic to scare the thieves away. Hurriedly, Sarah Lee strikes the thieves with a fiery thunderbolt that causes the thieves to run away. Aladdin is amazed at her powers and that she can do magic. He decided to let her ride along with him to help him watch out for thieves.
    Finally, Aladdin, his pet monkey, and Sarah Lee arrive at Agraba to see Princess Jasmine. When Aladdin finds the castle in which Princess Jasmine lives, he raced into the castle and gave her the presents and a big hug and kiss. He tells the princess all about Sarah Lee and her powers and gives her to Princess Jasmine. He also gives the princess his monkey, Aboo.
    Alladin returns home and Sarah Lee, the princess, and the monkey live happily ever after. Sarah Lee is especially happy because her old master, Jafar, was evil and her new master was good. Princess Jasmine knows that Aladdin will be in her future because he is so generous.

    Chapter 2

    Last time you last saw us Aladdin gave me, Abu, Sarah lee, carpet which was one year ago; said Jasmine. Aladdin went home back to his village, agraba about 4 kilometers away from the place.

    Many things have happened since the last time you saw us. We went on many trips, went to the Andes, and went to China to fight dragons. A lot happened since you seen us.
    When I saw my dad the sultan, I asked if I could go to my favorite oasis Alahar arosh. At supper last night my dad said I could go to the oasis. I told my dad thank you for letting me go.
    Later that night my tiger Rasha came into my room and growled loudly for attention. I scratched behind his ears and purred loudly because he likes it.

    The next morning I woke up and put on my silk blue dress and went downstairs to eat breakfast. My dad asked if “The reason I want to go to the oasis was to see Aladdin”. I said “yes”. My father said, “He knew I wanted to go to see Aladdin”. Later I asked, “how he knew”, he said “Aladdin sent me a letter to asked if you could come and see me” .I sent a letter saying you could come in a days time. After breakfast I went to find carpet. When I found carpet he and Abu were wrestling I told Abu and carpet we where going out to my oasis. So I told them to quilt and get ready to go see Aladdin. Abu jumped up, Carpet floated up real quickly it looked like they were excited to see Aladdin. Of course they haven’t seen him in a year. So Carpet got up off the floor we walked over to my balcony and carpet floated over to the railing of the balcony so Abu and me, can jump on to Carpet. We sat off to the oasis we arrived there about 11:00am your time. Aladdin came out of the shade and Abu jumped down into Aladdin’s arms and Abu squeaked loudly carpet lowered his self to the ground and I got off.
    We all went and sat in the shade and carpet laid his self on the ground and pointed us to sit down on him to keep us from ruining are clothes. We talked for about ten minutes and then Aladdin said he heard -the leaves rattling when he looked to see what has happened and all of sudden these guy’s jumped us.
    Then we were herded off to behind the oasis and were both put on different camels and the camels walked toward the desert behind the oasis.
    The next day about 2 hours after dawn we came to this oasis in the middle of the desert, we haven’t an oasis heard of. When we got to the tower it looked like it was about noon. We were taken into the tower. We were put in this dark looking room. The door open back up and comes and a face we didn’t’ want to see again.
    Back at the palace the sultan was wondering were Jasmine and Aladdin was. He was beginning to think someone who would want both of them dead and had kidnapped them and that would be the sultan’s there one and only one enemy, Jafar who the sultan had banished from the kingdom and made Jafar his own kingdom. That looked like a big oasis.
    Jafar came in with two guards and Jafar notice that it was the royal princess jasmine and the prince of thieves Aladdin.
    Jafar said to the two to take them to the tower about 6:00 your time jasmine was whishing for something to make the guards run back to Jafar. After she got finished whishing that her genie Sarah lee popped out of her shining golden lamp when that happened the guards was freighted and they ran back towards the oasis of Jafar.
    They ran towards an oasis in the distances when they got there they noticed carpet lying and Abu tied to a. Jasmine cut the two down and jasmine asked if carpet he could still fly to night to take them back to Agrba. Carpet shook his front signaling a yes. So jasmine and Aladdin and Abu jumped on carpet and they sped toward the palace, for carpet knew the way by heart. About half way their carpet grew tired so they stopped a cave. As soon as they layed down they fell to sleep at once.
    The next morning when they woke and were refreshed they started out a soon as possible by that night they had reached the outskirts of the capital city.
    The next mourning they got on carpet and headed to the palace when they got to the front steps the guards noticed it was Jasmine and Aladdin. And one of them took them directly to the sultan.
    The sultan was gland to have them both back in safe hands. The sultan has a private dinner for the two for the joy they where.

    © CEM
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