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  1. Well yes I'm genmas brother so I'm everyone elses uncle from his point of view.
    But when I'm on I'm still the leader I can take someone off if they do anything bad so thats how it would mainly work.
  2. Oh yeah sure any time sakura anytime.
    I'm always open for questions if you want to ask.
  3. Yeah well there all my friends I invited them to come a while ago and genma and mere are the mother and father of the group trust me there very nice well sometimes genma is in a bad mood.
  4. yeah I'm happy, I saw the rest of the members. wow you have alot of groups
    thanks again naruto
  5. Hey see the ways mine is it has to be at least that long ok.
  6. Well so you happy now since I pmed you and invited you to the clan.
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