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  1. Lol sorry I ment to say pm...I just I want the truth from everyone I'm tired of being lied to and hurt by everyone ok?
  2. PU? Not the cursed PU! D:
  3. Can we not tak about this here just send me a pm ok? I just rather talk about it that way but I cant be on for long my parental unit is on the way home
  4. Fine, geez. Do whatever you want, because I don't want to waste my time convincing a girl who has undeniable prrof that her "boyfriend" isn't faithful.
    Talk to BL101.properly.
    And I hope you've seen what he looks like.
  5. I didnt mean you inpertictular i was just sayin everyone that doesnt want us to be together needs to stop saying it i dont care anymore
  6. ME, and jealous O_o

    Honey you either need to drop the crack or open your eyes.
  7. I did and I don't care weither she likes it or not Kyle is mine and you just said it yourself it was his brother look she doesn't know kyle like I do and obviously he STOPPED talking to her because kyle never comes on and I really shouldn't either. Everyone just needs to leave us alone. She needs to live up to the fact that there is no more her and kyle. Look just everyone needs to stop being jealous ok? It's to late to try and break us up he and I are getting married in two weeks We've been living together for sometime now So I don't care what anyone says anymore.
  8. Nooo, Kyle as in Kyle in marines in the Eagle's division.
    Come on, just talk to her.
    And it's not his friend, it's his brother.
  9. hahaha Im glad you got but Im not sure that we're dating the same guy Cuz i mean Kyle lets his friend and brother use the account like I did with my friend so what if she was dating one of them?
  10. Ohhh I get it;
    Nope, she had this names AGES before you even joined AO>
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