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  1. Never cheat me out on a good deal? Or just never cheat in general?
  2. yeh i would never .
  3. Um idk what im into I guess you can say Im a jack of all trades but not the bad kind that cheats you out unless you cheated me out first then im out for revenge or something intertaining to do lol
  4. yah thats cool i am working to and hanging with fiends what r u in to
  5. Chill sounds very chill As for me Im doing my homework and passing school gotta get those freaking amazing grades to get into amazing colleges lmao yeah right....Still I gotta get back my 4.5 gpa lol
  6. good just hanging with friends .
  7. Nothing really just trying to pass high school. Lol less the 55 weeks and Ill be out of high school so that makes me happy. How have you been?
  8. yeh me to so whats been going on .
  9. Hello there new friend Glad that we are friends now
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