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  1. its ok.i just remebered mine to o
  2. Sorry woulda said hi a long time ago when you said hi to me but I forgot my password for this site but I remembered it today!
  3. hey! how are you ?
  4. hey!how are you ?
  5. hey!havnt talked to you in a are things? ^-^
  6. ...i was wondering because when i broke up with my ex he became suisidal and tried to kill himself twice.i would hate for anyone else to have to go through that kind of gilt.
  7. She didn't take it too well. She started flipping out, but I told her I'm ot gonna argue about it.
  8. ^-^ congradulations .. but how did she take it ? ?
  9. I'm good, and so is my day. I broke up with my gf and I feel like I'm not held down any more.
  10. hello ^-^ . how are you ? hows your day been ?i havnt been on in a while.
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