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  1. Just click Wii options, then the picture on the right, then internet, then wireless connection, then search.
  2. that sounds cool.i have a wii but we havent hooked it up with the internet.we have dial-up.its sucky
  3. Exactly, I hope you like what you read. Once I learn to post photos through my Wii system, I'll post some pictures too.
  4. that sounds pretty interesting honestly.i love horror.and nothings complete without romance.
  5. I guess the genre is gonna be a mixture of horror, some comedy bits, and a bit of romance farther in.
  6. im pretty much cool with anything^-^ill have to look at that sometime.what genre is it?
  7. I hope you have a great time Have you read my fanfic yet? It's titled shattered(name pending) I'm trying to get feedback. What genre of anime/manga do you like?
  8. thats niffty.iv heard about seemed like it would be pretty boyfriends coming over later.
  9. I love drawing too. Anyway, we went to see "I am Number 4". It was a great movie.
  10. oh is my know if you click on my user name it will take you to my user page and its easier for me to see ifi get a message^-^just a tip.what movie did you see?
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