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  1. Come come now, there no need to blush (teasing). I look forward to seeing you again.
  2. *blush*thank you.ill look forward to it .
  3. I know. But I'll try to reach you when I get back. I see you changed your profile picture. It looks nice.
  4. awwwww!thats sucky .
  5. Nice topics. Congraduations! Listen. School is going to be out for me next week and since my computer at home doesn't have internet, I'll be out of contact for at least 2 months.
  6. check out my photo album.i posted my pictures from my art class that ive includes the einstein and clown one that i got 2nd place for in our schools art show.
  7. i like dicussing war,religion,capital punishment and things like that.
  8. Thats cool.What are your favorite topics?
  9. not much of a writer.i do like to right esays
  10. Yeah, I write sometimes but sometimes the storylines elude me.
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