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  1. oh its ok.i havent beenon either for the same reason^-^band camp sure takes up alot of my time
  2. Its ok, im ok now. sorry i havent been on ive gotten really distracted with Marching Band. =P
  3. awim so sorry.i know how that feels.its gotta suck alot.
  4. Oh ummm...mine was good its been rough. I've lost my dog and a women who was like my second mother so its been hard hbu?
  5. graduations are pretty borimg.especially the awards lasts forever how was your night?
  6. It was oh my god I had the best night ever haha and oh that sounds fun I've never been to a graduation .... >_<
  7. that sounds like fun.i had to go to my sisters graduation last night.
  8. Oh awwwww that's so very sweet!!! and well all the drama seems to have calmed down for now. I have my dinner dance tomorrow and I can't wait!!
  9. better now though.he seems to believe me now but i dont know.weve had the same problem before too.wednesday will be our 5th month are you with drama?
  10. Oh boy...and awwwwww im so sorry!!! I hate when guys do that...they say i love you one minute and then the next they think you dont love them after you tell them you love them...and yea i know exactly what you mean...
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