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  1. lol.yeah.alll except they broke up and my boyfriend doesnt think i love him yeah not having drama doesnt last very long.
  2. -whistles- YAY FOR US!!!!! XD hahahah and nice about the ex thats epic!!!
  3. lol.ive been drama has died down suisidal ex is now dating the slut of the school so i wont have to deal with him for a while.^-^
  4. yay hahaha yea ive been very busy lately with school and grades and drama oh how can i forget the drama!!! -sarcasm- so how have you been?
  5. *smile .its ok . i havnt been on in while either ^-^
  6. Thanks its mine too and im soooo sorry i havent been on in a long time ive been really busy with my grades and art :c
  7. ^-^that sounds niffty.halloween is my favorite holiday.
  8. HEHEHEHE and im painting a old abandoned house and a large old tree the tree is kinda like those trees you see on halloween x3
  9. ^-^you are welcome.what is it that youre painting?
  10. no problem and thank you so much i really hope it does ive been working really hard on it!
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