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  1. ^-^thank you.and i hope your painting turns out beautiful also.
  2. i bet you that your picture will turn out amazing just never give up on it as long as you dont it will be amazing
  3. is sucky=/im working on it though.hopefully it will be ok.
  4. no problem and oh that really sucks when you have to rush any drawing cause you might end up makeing alot of mistakes i know i always do =/
  5. ^-^thanks but i dont have that long to finish it and ive only done the head outline......i think im going to have to rush it.
  6. hmmm well i think if you believe in yourself and put enough effort into the drawing itll come out really nice
  7. yeah.ive now started working on a color pencil of my dog.i dont know how thatll turn out since color pencils arent my specialty
  8. oh i like useing color but mostly for high lights on drawings. but that is true. art is my passion too oh jeez im right hand and things still get messy hahaha so dont feel bad XD
  9. pencil.and i dont usually use color.i like shading with a see more is my passion.but im left handed so things get kinda messy^-^
  10. cool i love drawing its my whole life. i also enjoy writing poetry and storys. what do you perfer using pen,pencil,paint,charcoal, or pastels????
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