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  1. it frustrates me that i am at the back and when i or my friend need help the teacher dont come to us
  2. *sigh*i wish i was better at frustrates me.
  3. oh you are a honor??
    i'm just crap at science. i love all maths, top set got an a* in my last exam
  4. i like english and geography.algebra can be annoying some times and physical science and physics are just hard.espeically when youre in honors
  5. oh wow same here, the art thing.
    my hobbies are drawing, reading, playing the ps2, football, badminton.
    wats ur fave subject at school with the exception of art?
  6. i play clarinett,im in chorus, and colorgaurd.but my real passion is for art.
  7. heya Summer. course id like ta be friends!
    what are ur hobbies?
  8. hey^-^my names summer.would you like to be friends?
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