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  1. yep so do i......ok talk to you later you too bye....
  2. yep^-^.plenty of friends.i have to go though.have a good day!bye.
  3. thats cool yep it is ok.........oh that is good glad to hear your making friends
  4. thats seems like nobody on here is my age but i dont mind.ive met a few people.
  5. i am good....oh that is cool have fun....oh how cool she just turned 13 today and i am 19
  6. so how are you today?im doing boyfriends coming over later and im going into town to get a cake box for my little sister.she just turned 13
  7. ok summer my name is Sabrina nice to meet you and ok
  8. love to be friends.ill send a request.
  9. my name is Sabrina and i was wondering how you been today and i am 19 and can we be friends? and i am in a relationship too....
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