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  1. Hey. This is great news. ok here is the idea. This is an anime that I want to put on all my work. its a picture of a male anime wearing a hoodie and on their knees with clothes torn up as if recently fought "Vegeta -or sumthin". The guy must hold a midi keyboard(small music keayboard usually connected to computer) and any other music instrument on the other hand. All you can see through the hoodies is eyes the rest is black. Also a last request is a flame around the anime as if it is becoming a "super saiyan". this image will go very well with my music as I promote my music under the name "Addicted souls" . The description describes sum1 addicted to sumthin, but in this case, its house music production.

    Plz lemi know if you can help.
    You can put a small logo on the drawings which I will leave to promote your anime drawing skills aswell.

    Dj Bonsta
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