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  1. your famous (or whatever...)???? >.> on another thought... should be fun eh?
  2. Meh. Its all good. I am going to go to a ball next week and I am excited!
  3. 0.0 how life going for you ta day? shortness!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. meh its just about anime. It was a site to experiment.
  5. whats your site about? tooooooooooo shhhhhhhooooooooorrrrrrrrtttttt yay ^^
  6. Yea, it is but that was a long time ago. I only advertized on my siggie. I dont do it anymore.
  7. >.> well is that not breakin the rules XD oh well didn't work out eh?
  8. Thats true. I am going to get more people on it. I originally came here to get ppl to come to my site and then I got addicted!
  9. ya, lol at least the forms at not totaly dead >.> or at least not yet....
  10. Yea... well it was a lot more active when I was here about two years ago..
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