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  1. awww well he is a good guy. Im his "big sis" or thats what he calls me
  2. well, kind of. I don't really wanna talk about it publicly. I had to have some x-rays done...again. I don't really like talking about it because I don't want people to worry about me. that and I'm friends with Rave_Grip and he's gonna be asking me about it now. lol ^ ^
  3. aww.. is there something wrong? Why didn you have to go the doctor?
  4. oh. well, kinda the same. I didn't fall asleep until like 5:30 AM this morning and I had to wake up early and got see the doctor. so I'm tired aswell.
  5. .... meh, I am tired. Nothing special happened. you?
  6. I bet. after a relationship that long anybody would. ^ ^ so, how's your day been?
  7. hee hee yea thanks.. He really was a cool guy. But he is so busy now in college that he doesnt have the time to get online. I really miss him...
  8. (I'm back, I know that didn't take 20 mins, I was trying to hurry.) lol I remember Blade X. ^ ^ I never talked to him but he was a really cool guy. but that's great the you have a new boyfriend. ^ ^ *is happy for you*
  9. His name was Blade X. I'm fine now. I have a great boyfriend and we are crazy about each other! @.@
  10. oh... I'm so sorry... if you don't mind me asking, what was his user name? and will you be on in about in 20 mins? I have to take care of something.
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