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  1. You won't be my big sis.
  2. so..... what are you trying to say? I dont understand
  3. You're sooo not the big sis ... -"-
  4. .....Just call me big sis like you use to ^^ hee hee
  5. Get used to Laura now kekekekekeke
  6. it lauren >.>hee hee but thanks and I will talk to you next time!!!
  7. Aww, okay then. See you later Laura! =]
  8. O.O so that was you... soz..I didnt know. well I have to get going anyway. I have been on for hours
  9. Haha you signed off in msn too
  10. Nah just the boyfriend mix up. hee hee dont worry about it. Im here to be buds! ^^
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