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  1. search for the post tittled Yo!. thread started in cyber lounge........if you're interested (i just created it)
  2. okay,listen up. I'm lazy and to write the same thing on each and every single person's wall is just annoying. so this is copy, paste. I wish to ask all of you the same thing but that seems kid of pulto-ish so im gonna start a thread named YO! search it n move those fingers!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Well I'm more into mentally engaging storylines with really in depth descriptions but I like anything funny, and because I like intense storylines I like a lot of romantic animes. My favorite Types are Physiological, Supernatural, Comedy, and Romance.
  4. is it that obvious that i'm new, Andrewn? and i really did try to hide the fact that i'm new....sigh.....maybe my camouflage wasn't good enough. i should wear blue next time so that i blend in with the sky, Lol!!!
    i'm the king of person who tends to stay away from reality. I don't like talking bad stuff about anyone who i may know. but i think that's more because im a guy rather than my personality but you get the flow..
    In Manga, i like to read about where the girl and boy; one of them hates another or has no interest in him/her but they end uptogether. Hoever, this manga should be hilarious or i won't like it.
    what type of a person are you?
  5. Hey I take it your new here I hope your liken it; so what kinda anime you into?
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