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  1. I got a heat rash.
    I have a photo of myself in profile if you want to see. Its a bad one but you get a visual pic of me. I've basically been dealing with sickness I guess.
  2. lol, i just saw your msg, haha thanks flow = )
    hope all is well!
  3. Hi! Omg I can't believe I forgot about your b-day...well its cool that your 19 now. Just because I'm likely forget again in the future, Happy Halloween, Happy ThanksGiving (or whatever the saying), Merry X-mas, and Happy New year. ^_^

    Man I bet your like wtf is the matter with this girl lol ^^;
  4. hey, watre some good websites i can go to, to download stuff for my psp?
    like videos and themes and such.
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