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  1. same to you I hope that this matter has not become bothersome to you but I just wanted for you to understand my point... good day to you
  2. Technically you didnt like my idea either.
    Im not crying over it.

    And i met no insult to you,
    nothing personal.

    And yea i did forget that was along time ago for me, i can
    remember things to well.

    So if its any consolation,
    im sorry for offending you.
  3. it's great to here people idea's but it's not so good hearing people say that your idea's are bad... if fact that can be a case be called insulting....

    and what I ment is that I wondered if you had forgotten the words that you have said...
  4. if you dont like hearing other peoples opinions,
    then why are you posting threads in the debate and discuss forum?

    Besides i believe you are breaking a forum rule by bringing
    this outside the forum.

    and actually i still have no idea wat your talking about.
    i only understood what u said in the last line.

    "oh I hope you have not took into the depth of your mind the wrods:"-you

    like seriously, that is a confusing arrangement of words you got there.
    yoda-ish, only i cant understand you.
  5. oh I hope you have not took into the depth of your mind the wrods: yea this topic is lame.

    "From what i understand im being asked if "i would be able to live with a certain label,
    becuase of that label conlficting with my personal beliefs and why?"

    Thats wat it sounds like to me.

    If thats the case, its a yes no, then essay type answer.
    in which only grounds for debate or discuss
    is for us to display prejudice for or against athiests (athiests being the subject)
    and explain why we believe in our prejudice.

    I dunno, just doesnt seem theres much to grow on from this topic.

    People are people no matter where you go."

    as I say before if you don't like it the leave it alone....
  6. i have no idea wat your talking about,
    which topic?
  7. ok, I have to say this, if you do not like to topic or you think it is stupid some other people amy not think the say as you so, simple as it is: do not read it and if all nessesary do not get involved in it ok?
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