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  1. i am trying to learn albhed.....................................
  2. really? what language are you trying to learn? I'm learning spanish
  3. not much other than school and trying to learn a language that is not known to man
  4. ah i see then that explains that then i guess....sooo then whats up
  5. i am rarely on here too cause the only time i can get on is when i am at the college
  6. yea thanks im just not always on here and stuff so yea
  7. its ok i have been busy too with college and all, lost of homework
  8. thats cool i glad it was fun sorry for the late reply been doing shit and all that
  9. ya well i went bowling last night and met one of my friends friends and had fun
  10. thats great and dont put it so coldly maybe it might be good for you to just go out n have fun without havin a gf sumtimes gf/bf can hold people back from things at times n at times they can take them father then they would have gone alone you wont know u wont know how far u can go on ur own til u try n u wont know how far u can go with someone unless the both of you try thats how it is in life right
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