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  1. wow i dont think that i would like it where you live because it is so cold lol i hate the cold
  2. yea it was the longest its ever been this year but we dont get out of school til june again like last year its cold here too its so cold u can see ur breath most or it was today
  3. wow your Christmas break was longer than mine yep that is how mine was good and it is cold
  4. to be honest this is the last day of my christmas break n it wasnt too bad over all just cold
  5. that is so awesome...That is cool...OK...anyways how was your weekend...
  6. Thats a cool name one of my anuts names is Sabrina sure thats cool i'll be 18 in october im doin alright
  7. my name is Sabrina do you want to be friends i am 18 how are you doing today
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