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  1. I'm glad that you're well. ^^ Aw, I just got done with my Spring Break. It was mostly boring too, so I can understand where you're coming from lol.
  2. I've been pretty good. I'm glad it's Spring Break finally! I'm just gonna be bored this week...
  3. Thanks, so am I lol. I feel kinda tired but then again I had a long day. How have you been?
  4. It's okay ^_^ I'm glad you like it here Lol. Anyway, how are ya?
  5. I like it here so far. ^^ I'm kinda new to forums and all, but the people here seem nice. Sorry to leave you like that, I was needed elsewhere lol.
  6. I just joined today- but i've gotten the hang of this site. It's simple but boring! ^_^ It's nice to talk to someone for a change. There was barely anyone on a couple of hours ago
  7. I just got online a little bit ago. I only joined this site yesterday so I'm still a bit lost here lol
  8. Yay ^_^ Yeah it does! So what's up? I've been on for a while. Nothing's going on though haha
  9. Hello to you too. ^^ Sure, let's be friends. Boredom sucks.
  10. Hello ^_^ Your online. Do you wanna be friends. I'm really bored. >_<
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