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  1. wow, that was very vague. well, i'm a liberal republican. i love life and death situation manga. I don't like stuff that doesn't really have a plot, stuff like bobbooo, so something like that, and inuyasha after the first two seasons (it's like the whole series are fillers). i'm really into naruto.
  2. Oh okay ^_^ Well...uh..let's see here...*scratches head* I don't really have any political views. I don't get involved in that stuff ^_^ (Don't care about it either) I like all kinds of manga, from Shonen Jump to Tokyo Pop Uh what about you?
  3. interesting. so what type of manga are you into, what are your political views, and what are your thoughts on church and state. and feel free to be completely truthful, i will not debunk any of your opinions, i simply want to get a 'feel' for you.
  4. Haha. It is, and yes I'm new.
  5. sure, the more the merrier. are you new?

    I agree with babynaruto1 this character limite is annoying as hell.
  6. Hi ^_^ How are ya? I love making new friends. Hope we can be friends
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