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  1. Sometime I just hide in my room and cry by myself... To much stress
  2. Yea I've learned to live with it, because I'd rather embrace the sadness and face it head on than run away from it and be lost forever.
  3. Yeah. That feeling just comes and go. But we can't do anything about it --' Bothersome sometime...=_='
  4. Aww I'm sorry to hear that*hugs* I know how you feel, my friends get annoying sometimes too, but there just about the main reason why I keep on going in this world(I'm not emo, things just seem to go bad for me alot).
  5. High school, High school... Hm... I don't know why, but sometime I just got irritated by my friends... Like I had a bad day... Don't really know... --'
  6. I go to high school, and it's ok, I'm just grateful I get to see my friends there.
  7. *hugs back* I don't wanna...! Oh well... Which school are you going? Is it fun there?
  8. Aww *hugs* don't worry, I gotta go to school again in 2 days too, lol

    Me, I've been alright
  9. Well, I told you I was kidding, but... I'm doing great. Only a little depressed since I will start going to school again in 2 days. And you?
  10. Ok hello Goddess Ace(that really doesn't sound right ya know, lol)

    How have you been?
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