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  1. Goddess... FROM TODAY ONWARDS YOU ARE TO CALL ME GODDESS! <- Just kidding >.<!
  2. Ok it's official, you are an anime goddess!!!
  3. yeah... I think I have seen it before... Some of my friend was really into it, so...
  4. Not much, I finally remembered an anime I'd forgotten about since it's been like a year or 2 since I watched it. It's called Shadow Star Narutaru. Have you heard of it?(probably, lol)
  5. I know, I have a friend that like to draw to. And I like hers drawing, it is so neat and... you know... So whats up lately?
  6. Yea I guess what I said was kinda complicated. Sorry bout that. You'll get better, all you have to do is practice.
  7. Even if you said so... I just don't get it... I tried, but didn't made it or so... But I like yours *-*
  8. don't worry, just practice and you'll get better, thats what I did. FIrst I started off with tracing so that I could know the curves, then I moved on to sightdrawing to learn how long lines are, now I'm starting to draw freehand and my freehand drawings are alright. (The ones you see in there are sightdrawings except for the one titled Michelle Kamiya)
  9. I like it. I draw to, but not really good when it comes to body... can't get it right -,-'
  10. Yea all the drawings in my drawings album are MY DRAWINGS, lol^^
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