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  1. I know I know. The new picture in album. Did you draw it? Pretty cool ^^
  2. Nah, I'm the meanest person ever, yea right, lol. I'm probably one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, so yea, good friends^^
  3. I see. Looks like a nice guy, huh? >.< Then I hope we will be goooooooood friend then ^^
  4. Yea thats me in the picture (.....50 characters.....)
  5. It is alright. I'm fine. The picture in album. Is that you?
  6. No I couldn't tell by the name, sorry

    But it's nice to meet you Ace.

    How are you today?
  7. Hm... Can you not tell by the name? I'm a girl. You can call me Ace or Ai.
  8. Thats cool, mines in March so I guess your older than me by a month, lol.

    Um, another question, jw, are you a boy or a girl?(I don't really know because your profile doesn't tell)
  9. Lol! I'm 15 too >.<! when was you born? ^^ I was born in Feb.
  10. I've been good, and I'm 15. What about you? (50 characters >.<)
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